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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-01-04       BBC Radio1 Live in Concert / Steve Hillage

i love Gong, of course i love Steve Hillage too. I haven't lost interest in listening to their music since when i discovered them more than 20 years ago. but unfortunately i couldn't see Gong in 70s... i saw Gong first time in 1996, but Tim Blake and Steve Hillage weren't there... (the drummer was Pip Pyle!). although i saw Gong 4 times in my life (including a show in RFH London when AMT played as the support band), i hadn't seen Steve Hillage and Tim Bkake even they are my favorite musicians! but finally i could see Gong with them at Gong Family Unconvention 2006 when Acid Mothers Gong played there too. i was so impressed with that their performance as much as my first concert of Deep Purple in 1984!! ( i also coldn't see Deep Purple in 70's too... because i was a kid then!) what the cool guy Tim is!!! and i enjoyed Steve's guitar on the Gong and Steve Hillage Band too! (anyway i hadn't seen him before...)
since that Gong Family Unconvention, i've listened to this Steve Hillage's live album in my car. it's the really good driving music!!! especially i'm very interested in one part of his music that is space prog rock with disco sound...
when i played as a guitarist of Glissando Orchestra at Gong Family Unconvention, Steve asked me what i used for glssando guitar! when i showed him my glissando bar Jutte, he was surprised and interested in it. also i was so glad he liked Acid Mothers Gong's performance too. who could imagine Steve would like my music when i was a high-school boy!! and he and Miquette Giraudy are so nice people!! it was the greatest moment in my life!!

BBC Radio1 Live in Concert


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