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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-01-07       Gaudia Vite -Live- / Corvus Corax

i didn't know anything about Corvus Corax even their name until i bought this cd. when i saw the strange dressed guys with bagpipes and percussion on this cd jacket at the shop in China, i laughed a lot. i couldn't imagine what they were! i imagined their music would be like pipe music with heavy metal or techno beat... but anyway i was interested in their music even if it might be bad...
but...the sound is really good!!! their music is just by some bagpipes, vocals and percussion!! what!!?? also they play medieval and traditional music, even their looks are like troubadour-punks!!! they wear like mixture of medieval and punk or heavy metal fashion and tattooed!! hahaha... originally they were more normal trad group with bagpipes, but they changed to this style... the show is started by the big gong sound, and they start so heavy groove by big bass drums and timpani, the sound is like hardcore Japanese Taiko music!! pipes are played on this heavy rythm!! also they chant by their strong bass voices!! what is this music? i associated like a kind of pagan ritual music!! audience becomes so crazy!!! unfortunately i didn't know they had come to Japan!! i really want to see their show!!
what the unique idea is! they are real 21st century troubadours!!

Gaudia Vite -Live-


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