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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-01-01       The Courts Of Love / Sinfonye

happy new year!
i chose this Sinfonye's record as my first record 2007. i like this British medieval music ensemble. i'm very glad to listen to this beautiful music in a new year!!
Sinfonye is led by Stevie Wishart who is Australian medieval fiddle and hurdy-gurdy player. she learnt and researched medieval music by her travelling (including Occitan speaking communities).
their sound is not so academic for me, more like medival acid folk. this is the most important point about this kind of music for me... if the music makes me feel too much academic atmosphere, it means it's not Rock! even medieval music, i need this kind of feeling for any music.
all songs of this album are from Aquitaine in France. what the beautiful tracks are!!! although i got full of energy from Deep Purple in last night, this kind of beautiful music gives me full of supreme bliss of my life!!! it's really good for beginning of the year!!

The Courts Of Love


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