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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-10-03       Shakin' In Athens / V.A.

this is the compilation cd of 60s Greek garage groups! although there're not so different points of music style from american or british or even other countries' garage groups, of course something are different from other garage sounds! but it's not mean like for example, Crowns (track#4) play like a bit Greek music atmosphere...
it's so strange all groups have same atmosphere "downer", even their songs are very cheerful rock'n'roll!!! why? especially New Hopes (track#6), the vocalist sings like a serious case, even the band play vigorously... so their sound makes me "no hope" even their name is New Hopes!! and almost groups feature the organ players! it remains me Doors' atmosphere a bit!! also all tracks have so deep reverb!!! there is no cheerful groups on this compilation!! why?? except for only so cute and coquettish female vocalist Nelli Manou! (track#14) her singing remains me 60s French pops very much!!
anyway Greek garage sounds are a bit strange for me... maybe these such downer garage sounds made people suicide in Athen then like same as Damia in France?? hahaha...
so the garage sounds never make me get tired!!!

Shakin’ In Athens


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