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Kawabata Makoto
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        2006-10-01       Tribute To Bob Dylan / V.A.

i don't have any Bob Dylan's albums in my collection... i understand he is the one of the greatest folk singer, but i feel he is not so good musician... always his any back bands are so bad with his music... so i like his music but i don't want to have his any records... it's so strange reason... even Grateful Dead played with him, Dead's playing was not good fit him... i think Dylan has to sing just by alone or choose good musicians for him. maybe he doesn't understand the arrangement of his music...
this Dylan's cover album is much better than Dylan's original albums. of course Dylan sings in a skilled, severely controlled voice, but this album has more good atmosphere as good music even there is no Dylan's voice... some unknown folk singers (guys and woman) sing on this album. the sound is more cheap and psychedelic!! also the sleeve design is very nice too!! hahaha...
maybe i won't buy any Dylan's album in the furure too why i already have this album. but if he will release a solo album with just his electric guitar without any other musicians, also including all of my favorite songs, i'm very interested in listening to it!!!

Tribute To Bob Dylan


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