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Kawabata Makoto
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        2006-01-18       Dreaming With Alice / Mark Fry

maybe many people discovered this album by the italian label Akarma's reissue. my vinyl is the 90's bootleg reissue with such cheap bookfold sleeve by Solar Circus Records, and the sound quality is so bad, but i really love this bad sound quality! this sound is typical acid folk for me. though i bought Akarma's reissue cd too, i couldn't believe it was same Mark Fry's album. because my bootleg's sound is completely different from the cd's sound what was digital re-mastered. why does people prefer more high quality of the sound even acid folk? of course i guess the rare original vinyl's sound is different from my bootleg, maybe the Akamar's cd has more similar sound to the original vinyl. but it doesn't matter! i prefer this bootleg's bad sound. sometime bad sound quality give me amazing great images how the good music should be. for a long time i'm looking for another bootleg reissue what has same full-color sleeve with the original vinyl. i really want to listen it too.
this bootleg always makes me take far a way, so i play it again, again, again...

dreaming with alice


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