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        2006-09-30       Volumen 2 / Aguaturbia

Aguaturbia is the Chilean psychedelic group, this is their 2nd album in 1970. i don't know anything about their story... i discovered them when i bought the bootleg reissue LP of this 2nd album maybe 10 years ago. the sleeve of that bootleg was different, there was no members' photos... the front sleeve was the cheap copy of the inner sleeve on the gold paper! why did the guy who made that bootleg change the design? so when this album was reissued with this original sleeve, i couldn't know these are same records or not... when i bought this limited reissue LP (500 copies) with the original sleeve from Essex , i gave that bootleg to hiroshi.
the beginning of the album is reversed guitar sound! what so cool intro is!! the voice of the female vocalist (i couldn't find any names of the members on the sleeve...) is so coquettish and cute even their sound is hard rock and heavy blues like Zep or Grand Funk Railroad! her singing style is a kind of same way with Janis Joplin, but her voice is very different from Janis' voice... more like typical white female vocalists!! i don't like Janis Joplin's vocal very much why her singing is so strong that got many influence from gospel what i don't like so much.
they cover Grand Funk Railroad's "Heart Braker", it's so great cover version!!! also she changed the lyrics from "Heart Braker, Can't take her" to "Heart Braker, Can't take him"!! hahaha... although the original is rhymed, she didn't care about rhymes!!??
i love the female coquettish vocal with heavy rock!! so finally Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. got a new female vocalist!!! i'll announce more information on our website soon!!

Volumen 2


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