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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-09-28       Ah / Bhagavan Das

i really like suspicious-looking white guys whose looks like the Indian guru! i don't beleive any religions... but i like religious stuff, especially looks suspicious!
Bhagavan Das lived in India, he learnt from some Indian gurus. anyway his looks is like a guru too!! (you can see him from the photo of this back sleeve, and there're more his photos like a guru in inside of the gatefold sleeve too...)

the music is like a typical suspicious Indian chant... i like this kind of "not spiritual" atmosphere!!! hahaha...although the real great Indian chant music have really spiritual power, his chant makes me imagine just janky's fake chant!! but this is really rock for me!
why does so many western people believe like Hare Krsna also Rajneesh? these religions originated in India, but their believers are not Indian people, only western people!! it's so strange for me... why does so many western people perfer meditation and any suspicious spiritual things!???
anyway if you want to make music like this Das lived's record, you can do very easily... in the first you need to get a sitar or tambura, and i should sing like "Ahhhhhh...." with the instrument, that's all!! you don't need to live in India!!! of course you don't need to try meditation too!!! hahaha... this is really rock!!!



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