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Kawabata Makoto
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        2006-09-27       Live At The Venue London / Durutti Column

i saw Durutti Column in Osaka 1984. when i saw their show, i was surprised! because Vini Reilly played guitar and keybord both in same time! (but now i play 2 guitars both or guitar and violin both in same time... hahaha...) and Bruce Mitchell's drumming was great! before seeing their show, i didn't imagine how they play their songs by just 2 musicians...
i love their delicate and unique music. i don't remember how i discovered Durutti Column, maybe my girlfriend at that time recommended me their 2nd album "LC"... i remember we listened to their 1st album "The Return Of The Durutti Column", 2nd album "LC" and this live album together many times... especially i remember we listened to this album together on the bed just before sunrise. their music was really fit the world became so beautiful blue just before sunrise!! why can't any guys forget such memories with ex.girlfriends?
when Durutti Column got more members, i was not interested in their music... their new sounds was just like new age music for me... i prefer this line-up Vini and Bruce... (also i like just Vini solo too.)
when i listen to Durutti Column's this live album, i'm overwhelmed with a bittersweet feeling...

Live At The Venue London


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