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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-09-25       Y / The Pop Group

i liked The Pop Group when i was a junior high-school boy, although i didn't prefer what is called "New Wave" so much... i was interested in New Wave just when it was born in late 70s, like Joy Division, Gang Of Four, T.G., Cabaret Voltaire, Dome and something else of early New Wave groups. they were unique, especially their earlier period. when i heard this The Pop Group's 1st album in the first time, i got a big shock, espcially from Mark Stewart's great voice! i believed he used a kind of fuzz pedal for his voice in the first moment. so we called his voice "natural fuzz voice"! and i was surprised they were so younger, not so different from my age! but their sound was so nice for me, mixtured rock, funk, free jazz ang dub! i remember then i was sure my music (with my early group Baroque Bordello) was on a kind of the same way with them. also i loved this front sleeve that was the photo of "Mad men" in Papua New Guinea. and anyway what the great name is! The Pop Group!?
i'm still listening to The Pop Group's 3 albums often now even i don't listen any New Wave records so much now... it remains me when i was a junior hich-school boy! i know it's what is called "New Wave revival" from several years ago. but why people prefer only Cure or Joy Division...? they must discover The Pop Group!! because their sound was much real "New Wave" than other groups... if there will be many bands like post-The Pop Group instead of post-Cure or post-Joy Division, it'll be much better!! why do young musicians prefer so easy way?



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