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        2006-09-24       Arabas / Mariza Koch

Mariza Koch is a Greek female singer. i discovered her at one record shop in Athens. then i tried to find any 60s and 70s great Greek psychedelic music, so i asked many shop owners they knew any good Greek psychedelias. Athens is the very great city for getting psychedelic vinyls. there are lots of record shops, almost shops have many many psychedelic records!! why?? does Greek people like psychedelic music so much???
Mariza Koch's music is a very great Greek psychedelic music for me. her sound is really Greek also middle-eastern (especially very simliar with Turkish) style with psychedelic rock. i don't know about her anything, just i bought her all of 1st ~ 4th albums. (one shop owner tought me her discography from the 70s Greek rock catalogue.) i remember this is her 1st album (1970). her voice is a kind of strange also unique for me, it remains me Catherine Ribeiro + Alps although even their voices are so different... because her voice is very mystic and deep for me... and the sound is like a very good "cheaper" trippy cosmic session with the middle-eastern atmosphere!!
usually i can't remember names of musicians, bands and titles of the albums so much, also i don't chack any record catalogues too, i can remember always just sleeves. but i really look for good records what i haven't known and listened. ... so i have to believe my 6th sence as a vinyl junky. sometime i bought very boring records even someone recommended me as the good psychedelic records... anyway i'm very glad to discover Mariza Koch!!



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