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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-09-23       The Thousand Angels / The Amigos

oh my god... what the funny record is! i bought it at "religion" section at the record shop. i'm interested in what is called "religion folk", i have many this kind of stupid bad music records in my temple. but this is the one of the most funny one!! also the music is just pops! if it would not be in "religion" section also it would be the different sleeve like same as this back sleeve that there is the members' photo, i'm sure i would never buy it!! the names of their songs are "A Love Song To Jesus", "Jesus, Let Me Love You More", "Mama's Prayer" like this... also it was released from Heart To Heart Records, what the name of the label is!! and "The Amigos"!...what the funny name is!!! and their looks (on the back sleeve) is so funny too!! when i found it at the record shop, i thought if i would't buy it, i would regret very much... so i bought it!!

i have a question, who buy this kind of stupid records? if they have a gig, maybe no drinking, no smoking, no drugs there...? unfortunately i like this kind of so-called "peaceful" pops... oh my god! why i like it!? Jesus, please let me know!

The Thousand Angels


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