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Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-09-21       Lord Death's Counting Song / Shoko Asahara

i collect any religious goods, it doesn't matter which religion. i'm an unbeliever, i believe only my cosmos. anyway religious goods are very bizarre also Kitsch for me.
hahahaha... it's so stupid record! Asahara Shoko is the leader of Japanese cult Aum Shinri Kyo that they killed many people in Subway by sarin in Tokyo. the judge sentenced him to death. that period, my whole neighborhood misunderstood we were Aum!!! that's why, i lost my big flat where we lived together...
before Asahara and believers were arrested, Aum Shinri Kyo released many kind of goods for propagation, books, videos, cassette tapes, stickers... but then i didn't collect their goods, because the looks were not cool, not beautiful for my collection... although then i heard their music from some TV programs, the music were horrible!! i was not interested... but when i found this bootleg EP recently, suddenly i wanted to buy it... oh man... i'm so stupid!!! because the reason is just it is vinyl!!!
the music is still so horrible and childish! Asahara's voice is absolutely no charismatic、just super bad singing with cheap karaoke echo... especially "Sonshi's March" on side-B is like very bad copy of 70s Japanese monster TV program's theme!!! hahahaha! it's one of proof of that Aum Shinri Kyo was very childish...
anyway record shopping and religious goods collecting are my bad habits... i know, but i can't stop...

Lord Death’s Counting Song


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