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        2006-09-20       Wszystko Mi Mowi, Ze Mnie Ktos Pokochal / Skaldowie

Skaldowie is the famous 60s Polish beat group, this their 2nd album. although their music seems to change into progressive rock in 70s, i don't have their other albums. the sound seems many influence from British beat groups same as almost 60s beat groups in the world at that moment. although their chorus is very beautiful and mellow, female chorus group Ali Babki support too, so it brings good results.
i don't like the Beatles, i've never felt any emotion from their music in my life... but i like many 60s beat group even they got many influence from The Beatles... why? The Beatles have some good songs what i like, but always someone's cover version are much better than their original version... usually the original version is the best, the original version must be better than any covers...
Skaldowie's music gives me many emotion, even their music is like pops or soft rock style! i feel Skaldowie's music is much pure than The Beatles... The Beatles'music is all make-believe for me... i'm very interested in Skaldowie's 70s works, how did their sound change to more like prog rock style?

Wszystko Mi Mowi, Ze Mnie Ktos Pokochal


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