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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-09-19       The Roar Of '74 / Buddy Rich

i love Buddy Rich's drumming! his drumming is really great "Rock" drumming, also makes me associate Ian Paice of Deep Purple!! i'm sure he could be the one of the greatest rock drummer in the rock history, if he played rock...
i like this records for a long time since i didn't know what jazz was... because i felt his drumming and music were just rock for me. this record is much much better than fuckin' Miles' "Bitches Brew" that is the one of the most boring jazz record for me!
why any recently rock drummers don't play like him? in 60s and early 70s, almost rock drummers played jazz or blus before playing rock, so their drummings were so unique and amazing! but from middle 70s, many new drummers got influence from them especially John Bonham style... after that period, the rock drumming became boring... like everyone play same style...
i really love between late 60s and early 70s drummers, their drummings are like lead drums or singing drums for me! always i'm looking for this kind of drummer!!! why do recently drummers prefer keeping steady so much!? i really wanted to form the hard psychedelic group with Buddy Rich!!!
he played with flying drumkit!! you can see it from here.

The Roar Of ’74


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