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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-09-18       All Jazzed Up / Franz Loffler & Pierre Favre

this is "All jazzed up", but not jazz for me, maybe for you too... the guitarist Franz Loffler and the drummer Pierre Favre cover Bach's songs with fake jazz swing beat... i don't like Bach why his composing was so geometric for me. but of course i can't listen to any recording of his real live playing by his hands, so if he played improvisation, i'm not sure i might like his music...? in these years, i re-started to listen to Bach's works again, i think anyway his music is much better than other ultra boring recently music even in the underground scene.
this is the typical "bad" music... the guitar playing is like "bad" classic guitar meets "bad" fake 50s surf guitar... the drumming is never swinging!! after all, i can't imagine Bach's music can fit jazz swing beat... but of course this is much much better than many fuckin' baroque music covers by heavy metal guitars!!
why do i like so "bad" music? i have tons of records of this kind of music that is so-called "easy listening music" in my temple! oh man... anyway this kind of "bad" music makes me relax, this record is much much better than Yo-Yo Ma's works! hahaha... but what would Bach think if he would listen to this record? i wish he would love it!!! maybe no...?

All Jazzed Up


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