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        2006-09-17       Chavo de Onda / Theree Souls In My Mind

Theree Souls In My Mind is well known as the one of the Mexican Psychedelic groups also their 1st and 2nd albums are the very rare records. when i played in Mexico City on JNMF tour, of course i and Tsuyama went to record shops in next day of the show! although i wanted to get some Mexican Psychedelic original vinyls and Mexican pressing ABBA LPs and EPs, i found some ABBA's records, it was easily... whereas it was too difficult to find Mexican psychedelic records... anyway i already guessed, so i was not disappointed this result. fortunately i found some records of Mexican 60's garage bands and this record! Theree Souls In My Mind changed their sound to blues rock from psychedelic, so the sound is like Mexican blues rock. Alejandro Lora (bass & vocal) is very known as Alex Lora of El Tri that is the super famous group in Mexico. anyway i don't know so much about Theree Souls In My Mind...
the title song "Chevo de Onda" is also well known by 90's Mexican heavy metal group Moderatto's cover. of course i've never hard the Moderatto's cover version. anyway this original version by Theree Souls In My Mind is started by Alejandro Lora's great husky voice with old-fashioned reverb! and their sound is the very bizarre blues rock for me... i really prefer this kind of bizarre blues rock to an orthodox school American R&B. i don't know Mexican people feel same as me or not... but usually anyone loves bizarre atmosphere with "exotic" feeling. so why many western people are interested in Japanese 60's garage music (so-called "Group Sounds" in Japan) what i'm not so interested.

Chavo de Onda


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