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        2006-08-13       A House All On Fire / Maquiladora

Maquiladora will come to Japan from this Wednesday 16th of August. i organized 12 gigs in 2 weeks for them, and play as the guest guitarist on 9 gigs. i'm really happy to play with them again. i really enjoy to play the guitar with good singers especially folk singers much more than play with boring experimental improvisers!!
this is their latest album (they released a new mini album after it), what the shocking sleeve is!! all sleeves of their past albums were too restrained for me. (why are any sleeves of recently underground music too restrained? maybe the musicians believe it is "artistic"!? i don't like this idea and this kind of art works... because no impression!!) but i got a big impression when i saw this sleeve! i don't know why...? anyway this picture made me so anxious...
i really like their music since their 1st album. although their sound was so floating and so mellow for me, i felt little different atmosphere from this album. their sound became more heavy and dark than their past works... i imagined like a scene of daily life with absurdity and impractical same as strange dreams. their music is still so mellow and beautisul, but i feel insanity very much... i know they're so nice and kindly guys, not mad men... why can they play so insanity music? i've felt same insanity atmosphere from Beach Boys. (of course i don't know their personalities...)
anyway i'm really looking forward to play with them in this time!!! it'll be the music of the strange dreams in the summer...?

A House All On Fire


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