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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-08-12       Extensions 2 / Les Percussions De Strasbourg

i don't like what is called rhythmic music... i think i don't like the music from the tropics, so i hate Reggae, and i don't like Cuban music, Afro music, also even Indonesian kecak and gamelan too... this kind of music is just makes people dance by strong rhythm, it makes me so boring... i believe the terrible climate cultivates good music. a rich harvest in nature makes people lazy, they play only dance music... also the pain of living cultivates good music!
i like purcussion ensemble groups of contemporary music. of course they never play like African beat what i don't like. they play "music" by percussion ensemble!! not play "rhythm" !!! rhythm is just one constituent of music, it means rhythm is not music for me. so i don't like Hip Hop, Techno, House music and so-called Tribal music too!
this record is what the purcussion ensemble Les Percussions De Strasbourg play Francis Miroglio's songs for only purcussion. although they play just many kind of percussion, they play exactly "music", not "rhythm"!! i think the first song for just percussion was Edgar Varese's "Ionisation"... of course it was the one of the revolutional song in the music history, Miroglio and many composers should get lots of influence from him. also F.Zappa too...! i feel this kind of purcussion music releases the purcussion from the spellbinding called "rhythm".
why does anyone prefer to play rhythm when they have any percussion?

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