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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-01-16       Ragas and Reflections / The Indo Jazzmen

i haven't heard jazz so much in these years. i sold almost my jazz records collection several years ago. so i restarted to buy jazz vinyls from last year, but i prefer kinds of bad jazz now...
this sound is like indian music meets jazz... i found 2 indian musicians' names on the sleeve, Krishna Kumar (tabla) and Kapur (sitar). but there isn't any other musicians' names of jazz band side.
this is the different way from "Jazz Meets India" by Irene Schweizer Trio what Mani Neumeier and Uli Trepte from Guru Guru played. Indo Jazzmen play more similar to easy listening music than jazz. jazz musicians play Raga just as thema, Indian musicians add indian atmosphere by tabla and sitar on some parts. the rest of parts are almost standard jazz style or like mood music...
i like this kind of Bad music, especially Bad jazz! it's good for listening when i check my e-mail. though usually checking e-mal gets on my nerves, this kind of bad music always relax me.

ragas and reflections


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