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        2006-08-11       Worship The Sun As The Destroyer Of Dreams / Buzz Or Howl

Buzz Or Howl are Bruce Mckenzie and Eric Nielsen both from San Diego based acid folk trio Maquiladora. but their sound is completely different from Maquiladora's floating folk music. this very limited cdr (only 96 copies!) has been released by Maquiladora's label Lotushouse.
i know Bruce likes what is called Japanese Underground Music like Maher Shalal Hash Baz, High Rise, Fushitsusha, Ghost and something else since when i met him first time in 1998. also he likes many kind of music, tradtional, ethnic, classic, jazz, country, blues, experimental, too. so his guitar playing is sometime very unique in Maquiladora's music. one time, he said he was recording by the slide guitar and the Indian instrument harmonium as just private recording. i got this private recording from him in next year, it was so droney and dreamy, so beautiful music. when Maquiladora came to Japan in 2004, i had a chance to play with Bruce as duo. i played the hurdygurdy, Bruce played my harmonium that was not good condition. we enjoyed a lot. then i was sure he had very similar mind about music with me.
this Buzz Or Howl's album is so droney and dreamy too, also beautiful!! their sound is different from my drone stuff. because their music shows traces of their pleasant personality, so peaceful and so tender!!
why did they release it only 96 copies!? many people will love their music!! if you're interested, check out their website. http://www.buzzorhowl.com/

Worship The Sun As The Destroyer Of Dreams


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