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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-08-07       Best 20 / The 5th Dimension

sometime i prefer this kind of the compilation album what is called "Deluxe Best album"!! the gatefold sleeve is so heavy and thick. there are lots of pages in inside of the sleeve, of course included many photos too!
i like The 5th Dimension just as a beautiful chorus group same as Mamas & Papas.
usually we can find their records in "R&B Soul" section at the record shops. but anybody have never told about them on the history of Soul music!! because their songs were composed by white people, Jimmy Webb and Laura Nyro, also they covered Mamas & Papas' songs. so people called them "Black Mamas & Papas"!
but i didn't know anything about them when i saw their 1st album "Up Up & Away" at the record shop in 1982 or 83 (i was a high-school boy!)... i had a big question "what sound is from 5th Dimension? maybe it seems so cool!!" i couldn't imagine anything about the music from 5th dimension then... of course 5th dimension means just their name of the group... but i had too much illusion from their cool name! and when finally i heard their song "Up Up & Away" from a radio couple months later from that moment, i was so disapponited! of course their music was just a beautiful pops for me... not music from the real 5th dimension! i was so stupid!!
but i like to listen to this kind of beautiful pops with the working and driving. this kind music makes me forget that the music is my job. so i can enjoy their music without my musician's mind!!
also it's amazing that only one LP has 20 songs!! (because usually about 10 songs...) of course i got it by 100 yen (less than $1) at the record shop!! yeah!!

Best 20 / The 5th Dimension


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