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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-08-06       Trouble In Paradise / The Souther Hillman Furey Band

The Souther Hillman Furey Band are J.D. Souther who is well known singer song writer by his big hit "You're Only Lonely", Chris Hillman (ex.The Byrds) and Richie Furay (ex.Buffalo Springfield, ex.Poco), they were formed by the J.D.'s manager David Geffen to become what is called a super session group by good musicians same as CSN&Y. (David Geffen believed J.D. is a good musician, but he couldn't get big success yet...) but The S.H.F. Band couldn't get success... although i like these groups what they had played before, The S.H.F. Band are like a compilation of these groups... unfortunately each members' personality are too much clearly, even they are too restrained than their friends Eagles and Jackson Brown... so what is the individuality of The S.H.F. Band?
i feel restrained musicians' grief and hope from this album. it was released in 1975. and finally J.D. Souther got the super big success in 1979, after The S.H.F. Band... C'est la vie...

Trouble In Paradise


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