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        2006-08-04       Rainy Day Raga / Peter Walker

Peter Walker is the american guitarist, he travelled through Spain and North Africa and he had lived in Mexico, also listened to Indian classical music. he became musical director for Timothy Leary's 'Celebrations. Timothy Leary said "Peter Walker plays on the ancient protein strings of the genetic code." i know only these things about him just from the back sleeve of this record.
the sound is American folk music meets Indian classical music by the acoustic guitar. i have some records that the sound is like this... maybe many guitarists tried to play the acoustic guitar like sitar in that period in 1966 and 67!! but this kind of records make me boring... because if you tune the guitar some kinds of open D and play like some Indian scales, you can play like this kind of music easily. i learnt how to play "fake Indian classical" style with the guitar from one record of Ravi Shankar's "Live at The Monterey International Pop Festival" when i was a high-school boy! it was a very good text of how to play typical Indian classic music.
Peter Walker plays not just like Indian classical style, more American folk music atmosphere. but maybe if he recorded it recently, the sound might be just super boring healing music!?? i think why this record is good, it is the one of a magic of 60's psychedelic culuture, isn't it?
anyway i'm not sure this record is fit with LSD!? hahaha...!!!

Rainy Day Raga


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