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Kawabata Makoto
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        2006-08-02       Siirler Turkuler / Ruhi Su

i really love Turkish music. i don't remember when i discovered Turkish music in the first time... i just remember that i bought one record of the Turkish dance music by saz when i was 17 years old. (it was not so-called "belly dance" record, it was the real field recording in Turky.) because i liked the photo of front sleeve then! that photo was a dancing sexy Turkish woman! hahaha... anyway i like Turkish music from then.
also when i was a chef of a Turkish restaurant, i could listen to lots of Turkish music all the time there. so i remembered many many Turkish tradishional songs in that period.
when i went to Turky with Musica Transonic in 1998, i bought many records and instruments. then i asked the Turkish organizer "who is the greatest and the most unique saz player?" he answered "Ruhi Su!", and he said Ruhi Su gave influence to even the Turkish psychedelia Erkin Korai!! so i looked for Ruhi Su's records in Istanbul.
when i listend to Ruhi Su's record in the first time, i was a little surprised. because i imagined he would play the saz very faster like Ravi Shankar... but his music is not like that, he play the saz more slow, also he sings by his so deep voice!!! wow!! this is like the Turkish country blues or the great Turkish acid folk for me! i really love his voice!!! what the deep voice is!! of course his saz playing is so beautiful too!!!
i really want to go back to Turky as soon as possible...!

Siirler Turkuler


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