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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-08-01       Music From Close Encpunters Of The Third Kind / The Electric Moog Orchestra

of course you know the famous film "Close Encpunters Of The Third Kind", also you know the soundtrack of this film too. that soundtrack was composed by John Williams. this record is that The Electric Moog Orchestra (E.M.O.???) cover this soundtrack by only Moog synthesizer. many records that the famous songs are played by Moog synthesizers has been already released in the world... usually almost this kind of records are not so spacy even they use Moog synthesizers! but E.M.O. play more freak out! some parts are absolutely just cosmic sounds like old-fashioned electro-acoustic music!! by the way, who was the first playing the electronics sound as the sound of the universe? it is commonly accepted there isn't any sound in the universe because there is no air. why did this first person choose this electronics sound as the sound of the universe? of course it's normal at present that we feel this kind of electronics sound makes us imagine the universe. but can you imagine that the electronics sound is fit the image of the universe before nobody has played it!? i really want to know who was the first... maybe in the middle of 50's? i think the almost soundtracks of 50's SF films are played by orchestra... was "Forbidden Planet"(1956) the first???
unfortunately i can't find any information about members of E.M.O. on the sleeve. anyway i'm sure E.M.O. is much better than E.L.O. for me. hahaha...

Music From Close Encpunters Of The Third Kind


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