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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-07-31       La Fete Sur Le Parvis Nostre-Dame / La Maurache

La Maurache is the ensemble of the music during middle-ages and the renaissance.
they play songs and dances at the time of the cathedrals on this album.
i don't know so much things about them... there is one japanese female player in the group. but i think she didn't join them yet at this time.
there are lots of my favorite songs in this album. i like to listen same middle-aged songs by different players. so i find some players play very good, some players play not so good... i like this group, because they play like acid-folk atmosphere for me. especially their ensemble is so nice, the sound is not like too much technocal. (i guess of course they have very great technic too) also not so much solemn. i can imagine probably musicians of middle-ages played like them. i can smell middle-ages air from their sounds...
i discovered this album when i started to listen the ancient music. but even still now, i like this album very much. this is the one of the best acid-folk album for me!

La Fete Sur Le Parvis Nostre-Dame


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