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Kawabata Makoto
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        2006-07-29       A Love Affair / The Golden Leaves

i don't know anything about this album and the group "The Golden Leaves" also even any names of members... just i understand there is a sitar player, when i saw photos of members on the back sleeve. the sound is just mood music, cover of famous songs... but just one thing, a sitar player plays almost importante melodies!
i can guess maybe it was recorded around 1967, because there is a sitar player... i don't prefer Indian traditional music by sitar so much... i prefer sitar sounds with other music, like pops, rock, jazz, etc... because Indian traditional music by sitar makes me feel too much technical...! i love Indian traditional music by voice, harmonium, sarangi, vina, violin, flute, nei and something else, anyway except for sitar. but i'm interesting just the sound of sitar, it's so nice. also sitar can make the typical fake psychedelic atmosphere very easiely! hahaha...
i don't know why sitar with a mood music ensemble!? anyway the front sleeve is so good! i love it! (so i bought it!) i can enjoy this stupid record before sleeping...

A Love Affair


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