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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-07-28       Stick It In Your Ear / Na Cabarfeidh

Na Cabarfeidh is a contemporary celtic groups with 3 highland bagpipes. i can enjoy bagpipes' sound from this record very much. i've really loved the sound of the bagpipe since i discovered it when i was a student of a primary school. especially i love the drone and melody that is never breathed in and out! when i find any records of the bagpipe in the record shops, always i buy them. (also i bought a scotish bagpipe at a music store in San Francisco in 1998!)
by the way when i went to Sardegna first time, i saw the concert of Sardinian pipers. their pipes don't have air bags!!! they play some pipes same time by circular breath!! like human bagpipes!! i was so surprised! also they added and take off a part of pipe to change the length... it means changing keys!! amazing!!!
anyway who did make the first bagpipe? it's the one of the greatest instrument for me!

Stick It In Your Ear


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