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        2006-07-27       Jazz Of Two Cities / Waren Marsh

Waren Marsh is the one of my favorite tenner saxophone player. this is his first leader album. his playing is not strong, not aggressive, very mellow and warm. and his improvisation is so beautiful!! of course he learnt from Lennie Tristano.
i don't like John Coltrane, because his playing is just stereotyped boring improvisation for me. no impressed... i can't understand why many many people loves his music... Waren Marsh's playing is completely opposite way from Coltrane's playing. stereotyped improvisation like Coltrane is kind of easy way for playing. so after Coltrane, everyone started to play like him. because it is the proof that like Coltrane playing is not so difficult for saxophone players. whereas who can play like Waren Marsh? although he was called his works were kind of plagiarized works, it was one of the typical way of Tristano's style that the songs are not important than improvisation. i recognize Coltrane was the genius of composing so great themes, it is also opposite from Waren Marsh too. so which is better?
why i like Waren Marsh so much...? maybe one reason is he is not black people. of course i like many black jazz musicians, also i don't like many white jazz musicians... but why he is a white people, so he could play different style from other jazz giants...
i read a book about him there were only a bed, a chair, a music stand, bottles of coke and boxes of Marlboro in his room. and he died on the stage when he was playing "Out Of Nowhere"...

Jazz Of Two Cities


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