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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-07-26       Chants du Peuple ROM / Lalia Dimitrievitch

Lalia Dimitrievitch is a female gypsy singer. i don't know her about anything except for this record.
i really like European trad and troubador maybe much more than any other music. especially i really like thier singing, what the powerful and beautiful is! Lalia Dimitrievitch's singing makes me rouse. she has so beautiful husky voice like the typical gypsy singinger. i don't like female gospel, blues and soul singers so much. because their singings are too strong for me. (also i don't like what is called Black music so much...) but European female singers (even they sing so powerful) are not same as female gospel singers. their singings are more delicate, lyrical, sometime sorrowfully even they sing so powerful! maybe their sing style fits our Japanese atmosphere.
but if she is my mother (of course i don't know anything what she is like), she is too strong for me... why European women are looks so stronger...?

Chants du Peuple ROM


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