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        2006-07-23       Song For America / Kansas

oh my god...what makes me listen Kansas!? i love what is called prog.rock since when i was a junior high school boy. i listend records of EL&P, Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Magma, Soft Machine, Gong, PFM, Area, and more many groups many many times then. but i was not interested in any American prog.rock groups... (then i listened F. Zappa too, but i was sure Zappa is not prog.rock for me!) when i was younger, i prefered British and European rock to American. because the American prog.rock had too much especially blues atmosphere...not lyrical, not melancholy as prog.rock...
but when i went to record shops in US last year, suddenly Tabata asked me "is Kansas good or not, even in early 70's?" i've heard Kansas just some songs from a radio when i was a junior high school boy...so i didn't know anything about Kansas, i knew only they were a one of the American hard prog.rock group, and Steve Mose who is the guitarist of recently Deep Puple, were in this group... so i and Tabata bought some their early albums by just $1 each.
Kansas' sound makes me fun and smile. they have 2 kinds of style, one is the hard rock like Deep Purple, another one is prog.rock like Yes! i felt 2 different groups played in one album. what did they want to play?
anyway their composing is nice, that's just what one would expect of the majour group in America! but their prog.rock sound is sometime very funny for me, like an American country & blues band play prog.rock to want to be a British prog.rock group! British prog.rock groups had lots of influence from their roots music British trad, also Italian prog.rock groups like Area and PFM had lots of influence from Mediterranean trad music too. so of course i understood why Kansas had some country & blues atmosphere with their prog.rock sound. but it makes me so strange atmosphere as prog.rock, also looks like not cool as the typical prog.rock!
anyway now i can enjoy their music as the American prog.rock also one of the heretic and the failure in the prog.rock scene.
maybe i should check early Styx in the next? i already like early Journey (only 1st ~ 3rd album!), hahaha...

Song For America


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