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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-07-21       Un Canadien Errant / Lilianne Labbe & Don Hinkley

i don't know anything about Lilianne Labbe and Don Hinkley. i understood just they sing French traditional songs and French-Canadian traditional songs.
i feel a little strage from this music, because sometime very French trad atmosphere, but sometime very American folk atmosphere... of course they're French-Canadian. i love French trad very much, also love American folk music too. but i feel these music are completely different! i love both... i'm very interested in French-Canadian trad music, because they have 2 different roots, French and American!
Lilianne's singing is so beautiful and powerful... but i feel her French singing is not like French, more like English...? maybe this is Canadian-French pronunciation? i remember my French friend in Paris said French-Canadian people's French was not correct French... also Spanish people said Sounth American people's Spanish was not correct too... what!? if my own language in my country is wrong, how should i do? i can't imagine...
anyway French-Canadian trad music is so unique for me...

Un Canadien Errant


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