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        2006-07-14       Aura / Steve Hillage

i don't like so-called "house music". i heard many house music in late 80s and early 90s, because i believed i should check and listen "new music" what i'd never heard before. i spent many money for house music 12"s and cds, and not only house music, also grunge, alternative and mixture (like Funk Metal), hip hop, acid juzz and something else of "new music"'s records and concerts then. but i couldn't find any good things. so i decided to stop to find "good new music" any more in that moment.
when i heard Steve Hillage's System7 first time, i was so disappointed... like "why Steve!? why?" i could understand why he started System7... but i prefer more like human music... of course i like his guitar playing even as System7...
this record "Aura" was released in 1979 (recorded 78 and 79). even the sound is like typical late 70's style, disco and punk beats... but always his guitar is so nice! also Ash Ra too, Manuel Gottsching played same atmosphere like disco sounds as this album then. maybe it might be the one of the most progressive way for them.
my favorite Steve Hillage's solo album is "Fish Rising", but it remains me too much Gong atmosphere... so sometime i prefer this album that is edited from 2 original albums "Green" and studio recording tracks of "Live Herald" also 7"inch single "Getting Better". (of course i like these albums too. but this album is included the 7" track "Getting Better"! i love this cosmic funk song!) because i can enjoy his guitar playing with many different style music much more than "Fish Rising". i feel his guitar playing is so unique, like jerry fishes with so beautiful lighting!!
maybe you know AMT & TCI's "OM Riff From The Cosmic Inferno" is just cover of Gong's "Master Builder" also Steve Hillage's "The Glorious OM Riff". what the great riff is!! i'm really looking forward to see him at Gong Family Convention 2006 in this November!



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