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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



        2006-07-12       Is Arrosas / Elena Ledda

i love this Sardinian femal trad singer Elena Ledda as much as Ocitan female singer Rosina de Peira. Tsuyama tought me her records in the first. i feel Rosina's voice comes from the heaven, but Elena's voice comes from the earth.
i'm very happy to discover this kind of so beautiful music in my life! i think maybe i don't need to listen so-called experimental music... because i really love to listen only beautiful music. sometime i think why many people loves so-called experimental music more than this kind of beautiful music...? experimental music is the last step of musical evolution (maybe retrogression?) for me... so why i've played so-called experimental music too? maybe i'm so stupid people...
anyway this is the one of the best favorite album for me. her voice is magic, miracle! i have a dream to see her live singing in one day... of course she is still singing and releasing new albums. if possible, i really want to play with her even 1 song in one day...

Is Arrosas


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