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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-05-31       Ananda Shankar / Ananda Shankar

maybe you know this indian sitar player Ananda Shankar. he is a nephew of Ravi Shankar. he is a new way of the indian musician, so he plays famous R&R songs by sitar with moog synthesizer and typical rock band style (g, b and dr) also with tabla. is it mean the real new wave of indian music? i think "No", it is just an easy way to make "new" for traditional instuments musicians. there are too many so bad example that ethnic instruments musicians play this kind of "new" ways in the world... but always people said them "so great music! really new!!" fuck!! the musicians don't respect and don't understand their traditional instuments... but i can guess why they want to find the new ways of their instruments...because they don't have any idea of the real new music with their instruments, so they have to choose the most stupid and easy ways always.
but sometime i discovered the great stuff. i think fortunately it was just miracle was happend this moment without musicians' identity...
well, how is Ananda Shankar...? i think he was so lucky to be born in this generation. so he could mix psychedelic music with his sitar. what do you think if he would be born in 1980...? i guess maybe he would mix hip hop or techno with his sitar...
anyway i like this album as the one of good raga rock album, of course much better than early john mclaughlin! but why does people love sitar sounds so much?

ananda shankar


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