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        2006-05-30       Higher Than High / The Undisputed Truth

i discovered The Undisputed Truth just on the AMT & TCI's US tour in last autumn when Tabata bought one of their album "Cosmic Truth", because the sleeve was so funny for him. we got a big shock when we heard it! wow!! so crazy! funk music with space sounds!! but not just influence from P-Funk, more freaked out! i felt like "Soul Gong"!! hahaha... also their looks are so funny! they have silver afro hair, silver make-up and spacy costume!
they released albums from Motown Records, right...they are the chorus group. the early Undisputed Truth were not crazy not cosmic funk style, sounds were just typical chorus soul group (there were only a little bit of echo vocals and spacy fuzz guitar)... what was happened for them on 1973? i have their almost albums now, i don't have only their 3rd album (73). their sounds of 1st (71) and 2nd (72) albums were their earlier style. but they already played cosmic funk on 4th (74) album... i have to buy their 3rd album as soon as possible! hahaha...
this album is their 6th album (75). their sounds are more cosmic rock style than even Funkadelic! i'm sure "Overload" is inspired (or stole) from J.J. Cale's famous song "Heroin"!!! also including sexy space whisper too! it's so great!!
anyway i and Tabata call this kind of music as "Space Black Music"!! we need to find more Space Black Music records!! hahaha...
the fimale vocalist Taka Boon is the sister of Chaka Boon, she was a member of George Clinton's Brides of Funkenstein too.

higher than high


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