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        2006-05-27       The Visit! / Pat Martino

i have still so big jet rag now... i tried to fix it in each day, but it was unsuccessful... so i can't sleep in the night, i just listen the records what i bought on the last US tour.
Pat Martino is the one of my favorite jazz guitarist. he tried to play many new ways of jazz guitar, i like this kind of strange also sometime stupid idea on jazz.
but this album is inspired by and dedicated to Wes Montgomery. so sounds are not strange style, just typical jazz guitar style. especially 1st track "Visit!" is so groovy! (i like his soul jazz albums.) i found him from radio when i was maybe 18 years old, of course i didn't know jazz so much then... i knew only free jazz. when i heard his guitar first time, i felt his guitar was just typical jazz guitar...sweet and mellow... but while i felt something were different from typical jazz guitar what i imagined... i didn't know why? what? because maybe he is not black people...? (i like many white jazz musicians... i don't know why...)
when i heard this album first time (it was maybe in late 80's), i felt "this is rock!" his guitar is so groovy, also very heavy and fat sounds, even songs are sweet and mellow!!
his life is so hard... he had a severe brain aneurysm, he forgot almost things of his life!! but he was back to play guitar! if i will have same problem, what will i do!? his life is really rock!



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