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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



        2014-10-01       Live Schedule (English)


8th Oct. (wed) ^ 26th Oct. (sun)

The Japanese New Music Festival is a showcase tour in which the trio of Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Atsushi Tsuyama (Acid Mothers Temple), and Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) perform as multiple different units. The tour will return to Europe this autumn, with our three heroes performing as 8 separate groups. The groups mix and deconstruct all kinds of music from psychedelic rock, prog, jazz, classical to contemporary composition, experimental, and ethnic music. Their sound is unashamedly uncategorizable, with undercurrents of Frank Zappa and his belief that humour was an essential part of music. Each of the members brings a rich wealth of musical learning, knowledge and experience. The line-up for this year's tour will be: Ruins Alone, Acid Mothers Temple SWR, Akaten, Zoffy, Zubi Zuva X, Psyche Bugyo, Atsushi Tsuyama Solo, Makoto Kawabata Solo.

● RUINS ALONE (Yoshida Tatsuya solo)
Yoshida is one of the most innovative drummer/composer/improviser in Japan's new music scene. The pioneer of Drum & Bass duo RUINS was founded by Yoshida in '85. Tunes are complicated and mysterious, and songs are sung in the language of their own invention. It's high-tension, wild, heavy, speedy, acute, and powerful tremendous ensemble never sounds like they are only two players. Now RUINS had no bassist and currently he has been playing as RUINS ALONE playing RUINS songs with sampling bass.

● ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE SWR (Kawabata + Tsuyama + Yoshida)
Acid Mothers Temple have rapidly become acclaimed as the greatest, the most extreme trip psychedelic group in the world. Releases have appeared on labels around the world at an amazing pace, and the magnificence of their live performances is already being whispered of as legendary. SWR is the AMT Family's most powerful battle-formation yet. Featuring Tsuyama and Kawabata from the original AMT and Yoshida from Ruins their crushingly acute freakout sound will pulverize the world's legions of wannabe psych groups.

● AKATEN (Tsuyama + Yoshida)
Formed in 1995 with the motto of "irresponsibleness" and "perfunctoriness." They easily free themselves from the spell of the traditional seriousness of the art. Using daily commodities like scissors, toothbrush, zipper, camera, and plastic bottle as percussions, and shouting their brand names over and over as the "songs," the show is performed under the concept of low cost and maximum sound effect. AKATEN is the experimental convenience store punk band that provides the sound images of cheap and simple daily lives.

● ZUBI ZUVA X (Yoshida + Tsuyama + Kawabata)
Eccentric poly-rhythmic a cappella ensemble. It covers from Gregorian chant to ethnic music, to do-wop to hardcore screaming, heavily using irregular rhythms and polyrhythm. All sorts of ideas and aberrant musicality overturn the image of a cappella. Their totally meaningless lyrics and desperate performances throw the audiences into the abyss of the laughter and admiration. It makes the concept of "singing ability" nonsense.

● ZOFFY (Tsuyama + Kawabata)
Formed in 1998. Zoffy's music hints both at the members' deep musical knowledge via their improvised performances of troubadour music and European trad, and also at their deep love for rock via their destructivist covers of classic rock songs, that no longer sounds like anything but ZOFFY. The group believes that humor is essential in music, and their unprecedented performances stray far from the beaten track. Is this the Ultima Thule that rock music has long been aiming for?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw6mmmVZNW8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YR3Deik4ik

● PSYCHE BUGYO (Tsuyama + Yoshida + Kawabata)
Tsuyama Atsushi's blend of two of his favourite things: Japanese samurai and ninja costume dramas, and British rock (mid 60s to mid 70s). The lyrics deal with themes from these dramas with typical Tsuyama humour, while the music is hardcore, authentic British rock tropes from the golden age - an ultimate, ultra-personal rock fusion of east and west! Special line-up for this tour including Tatsuya Yoshida on drums and Makoto Kawabata on bass.

Tsuyama Atsushi is best known for his monster bass in Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., but he also has amazing technique of guitar and vocal. He has travelled around the world and accumulated the traditional styles of guitars/vocals in Europe and Asia. He adds his own interpretations and lyrical sense to create a beautiful but odd "fake traditional" musical world. Recently he developed a new figure called "prog.rock > blues-ization plan". He dismantles the masterpiece of progressive rock, and restructure it as an impromptu blues.

Kawabata Makoto is best known for his speed-demon noise-fuzz guitar in Acid Mothers Temple, but he is also widely active as an unparalleled drone guitarist. Drawing upon a huge reservoir of original techniques including metal glissando and bow-work that can summon up the sound of a string ensemble or orchestra, his work in this area cannot be simply categorized as minimal, drone or experimental. You'll find it hard to believe that a single guitar can create sonic worlds of such meditative and elegant depth.


- 08th (wed) @ Tampere / KLUBI http://www.klubi.net
- 09th (thu) @ Stockholm / GOTA KALLARE http://gotakallare.com/site/
- 10th (fri) @ Oslo / BLAA http://www.blaaoslo.no
- 11th (sat) @ Gothenburg / KOLONI/OCEANEN http://oceanen.com
- 12th (sun) @ Copenhagen / JAZZHOUSE http://www.jazzhouse.dk
- 13th (mon) @ Amsterdam / OCCII http://occii.org
- 14th (tue) @ Brussels / MAGASIN 4 http://www.magasin4.be
- 15th (wed) @ Paris / INSTANT CHAVIRES http://www.instantschavires.com
- 16th (thu) @ London / CAFE OTO http://www.cafeoto.co.uk
- 17th (fri) @ Madrid / EL SOL http://www.elsolmad.com/portada/home.php
- 18th (sat) @ Barcelona / ALMO2BAR https://www.facebook.com/pages/Almo2bar/207607919249999
- 19th (sun) @ Tarzo / CANTINA CENTI http://cantinacenci.wordpress.com
- 21st (tue) @ Torino / BLAH BLAH https://www.facebook.com/pages/BLAH-BLAH/146077352118547
- 22nd (wed) @ Milano / MACAO http://www.macaomilano.org
- 23rd (thu) @ Bologna / LOCOMOTIV CLUB http://www.locomotivclub.it
- 24th (fri) @ Padova / MAME http://www.circolomame.it
- 25th (sat) @ Rome / SINISTER NOISE http://www.sinisternoise.com
- 26th (sun) @ Istanbul / KARGA BAR http://www.kargabar.org


"KAWABATA MAKOTO + KISHINO KAZUYUKI 1st Collaboration Tour 2014"

Kishino Kazuyuki:electronics
Kawabata Makoto:guitar

- 1st Nov. (sat) @ Soup Tokyo Ochiai (03-6909-3000)
special guest:Tanaka Yumiko (gidayu shamisen, taishogoto, voice)
open 19:00 / start 19:30
door ¥2500


- 6th Nov. (thu) @ Helluva Lounge Kobe (078-331-7732)

- 7th Nov. (fri) @ Bears Osaka Namba (06-6649-5564)

-8th Nov. (sat) @ Urbanguild Kyoto (075-212-1125)

- 9th Nov. (sun) @ Cocoza Hikone (0749-20-5204)
open 16:30 / start 16:45
door ¥2500 / high school student ¥500

- 10th Nov. (mon) @ Tokuzo Nagoya (052-733-3709)



- 2nd Nov. (sun) @ Shichishitsu sono2 Yokohama (045-251-3979)

SKY SHINE (Kawabata Makoto : guitar + liquidbiupil : OHP light show)

open 17:30 / start 18:00
adv ¥2000 / door ¥2500

w/ Garan, MANDOG, Razooli
liquidbiupil : lightshow




- 3rd Nov. (mon) @ ladderladder Chichibu (0494-26-5008)

「Chichibu 4D」


w/ Kyoka, Tenniscoats, CARRE, BOMBORI, Bossston Cruizing Mania, Redd Temple, Denshi Takuan, Hockle Hock, in the sun, s-explode, gleam garden, SPANCOALS, etc

adv : ¥2800 *limited only 200 tickets 
ticket reservation : ticketorder@chichibu4d.com

official facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/somewhere4d



- 11th Nov. (thu) @ Urbanguild Kyoro (075-212-1125)

GEOFF LEIGH (The Artaud Beats, ex.Henry Cow) + KAWABATA MAKOTO (Acid MothersTemple)

open 19:00 / start 19:30
adv ¥2500 / door ¥2800





"KAWABATA MAKOTO et à qui avec GABRIEL Kansai Tour 2014"

KAWABATA MAKOTO (guitar) + à qui avec GABRIL (voice, accordion)

-22nd Nov. (sat) @ Urbanguild Kkyoto (075-212-1125)
open 19:00 / start 19:30
adv ¥2000 / door ¥2500

- 24th Nov. (mon) @ Futuro Osaka Kitahorie (06-6532-5830)
open 19:00 / start 19:30
adv ¥2000 / door ¥2500



- 27th Nov. (thu) @ Big Apple (078-251-7049)


open 18:30 / start 19:30
adv ¥3000 / door ¥3500



- 6th Dec. (sat) @ Gallery Nomart Osaka Fukaebashi (06-6964-2323)

"NOMART 25th Annivarsarry vol.5:Open Live Recording - Tinctura"

sara (.es) + KAWABATA MAKOTO

open 16:30 / start 17:00
door ¥2000 (reserve:info[at]nomart.co.jp)



- 12th Dec. (fri) @ Alphaville Nagoya (052-764-2644)

FLOATING FLOWER (Kaneko Yuki + Kaneko Tetsuya + Kawabata Makoto)



- 13th DEc. (sat) @ Tokuzo Nagoya (052-733-3709)

"Acid Mothers Temple Festival vol.13"



Shimura Koji: Sayonara Concert!

After a full eight years occupying the Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. drum stool since the autumn 2006 European tour, Shimura Koji left the band this September following our tour of Taiwan and Hong Kong. Buuuuut... we decided that it was only proper that his true final curtain call should be in his ancestral homeland Japan, so we have asked him to appear as a special guest at this year's AMT Festival. And if only to stem the tears of all the Acid Brothers & Sisters who lament his departure, he has graciously agreed to appear! You really need to see his soul and flesh rending drumming one more time!

The line-up we've put together to say goodbye to Koji is the greatest in the past eight years. A bill fully befitting his final, blazing exit from the epoch of all-consuming psychedelia that he helped create. Come witness this historic moment for yourself! A night for regret and tears! In the psychedelic environment woven by our lighting magicians liquidbiupil, come witness the end of an another era, watch it burn up and vanish before your very eyes!

Tsuyama Atsushi : bass, voice
Kawabata Makoto : guitar
Higashi Hiroshi : synthesizer
Tabata Mitsuru : guitar, guitar-synthesizer
[special guest] Shimura Koji : drums
liquidbiupil:light show

open 17:30 / start 18:30
adv ¥2800 / door ¥3000


Shimura Koji Profile

Born in Tokyo in 1962. In his third year of elementary school he spend his New Year's money on a radio and became aware of music. It was in the middle of the 1972 pops boom. In middle school he started going to cheap 300 yen film showings, and in his second year he got hooked on live music. In high school he dropped music altogether and started playing rugby, but following the shock of his team losing in the qualifying rounds of the national tournament, he turned to books for solace. To this day he remains an avid reader. In 1985, he was arrested for contravening the law governing radio waves. His favourite things are girls and photography. His least favourite thing is Tabata Mitsuru.

His musical career began when he joined S-Karma in 1984 as their drummer. Remained the group's drummer/manager until they split up in 1992. Played with High Rise from 1989 to 1990. Joined White Heaven on bass in 1990. Released several titles by the band on his own Noon Disk label before realising that income was not matching up to effort expended and he brought the label to an end. Booked a tour of Europe for White Heaven, but they split up shortly afterwards. Continued as a bassist up until the mid 2000s. Drummed with Mainliner from 1998 to 2000, and rejoined High Rise between 2000 to 2002. Formed his own band, Miminokoto, in 2000. Joined Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno in 2005, and Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. in 2006. Rejoined the revitalized Mainliner in 2013.
Bassist with: White Heaven, Violent Onsen Geisha, Nagisa Ni Te, Ohkami no Jikan, Shoji Hano Group, Tetsu Yamauchi Band.
Drummer with: S-Karma, High Rise, Mainliner, Splendor Mystic Solis, Uchu Engine, Jutok Kaneko, Overhang Party, Ché-SHIZU, Luminous Eye, Acid Mothers Temple, Miminokoto.


■ Including Tsuyama Atsushi's auction laughathon. Who knows what rare items he has in his bag this year.
■ At the Shopzone a clearout sale of all current and old titles.
■ We will be selling the "13th AMT Festival" T-shirt. This will be highly limited so do not delay!
■ Those who purchase tickets in advance can exchange their tickets at the entrance for a special CDR present. Tickets reserved at Tokuzo by telephone and tickets bought on the day will NOT be eligible for this special CDR!!!
■ AMT member's fleamarket. What hidden treasures can you find?
■ After the concert we will host the usual AMT end of year party. Please join us.

From Nagoya Station, take either the Higashiyama underground line towards Fujigaoka, or the Sakuradori line towards Nonami. In both cases, alight at Imaike which is about ten minutes from Nagoya Station. The venue is two minutes walk from exit ten at Imaike.

The gig will end by 22:00, because of noise limitation ordinances. Since The last Nozomi shinkansen bound for Tokyo leaves Nagoya station at 22:10, so we recommend that anyone who wants to travel back to Tokyo that night instead books the nightbus "Dream" leaving from in front of Nagaoya station at 23:30. There are other cheap night buses as well, leaving up till 24:15.
For those travelling from Osaka, the last Nozomi bullet train leaves Nagoya at 22:57. You will have adequate time to catch either one of these.
There are numerous cheap hotels both around Tokuzo and around the Nagoya Station area. However, since the gig wil be on a weekend it would be advisable to make a booking in advance.
Tokuzo will be open as a bar until 05:00 so it will also be possible to spend the night drinking there and then catch the first train home in the morning. There are many other drinking establishments near Tokuzo that stay open all night.


- 14th Dec. (sun) @ Smith Memorial Hall Hikone (0749-24-8781)

SKY SHINE (Kawabata Makoto : guitar + liquidbiupil : OHP light show)

open 14:30 / start 15:00
door ¥2500(limited only 30 tickets)



- 20th (sat) & 21st Dec. (sun) @ Helluva Lounge (078-331-7732)

Kawabata Makoto & Helluva Lounge presents Underground Music Festival In Kobe!
more information will come soon...


"MAINLINER Japan Tour 2015"

Kawabata Makoto:guitar (Acid Mothers Temple)
Shimura Koji:drums (Miminokoto, ex.Acid Mothers Temple)
Taigen:bass, voice (BoNingen)

- 9th Jan. (fri) @ Bears Osaka Namba (06-6649-5564)

- 10th Jan. (sat) @ Helluva Lounge Kobe (078-331-7732)

- 16th Jan. (fri) @ UFO Club Tokyo HIgashikoenji (03-5306-0240)



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