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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-02-05       "Diane..." Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper / Kyle Maclachlan

i'm a Twin Peaker (TP mania) since that moment, i really love Twin Peaks still now too. of course when i'd been to Seattle first time, i visited some famous places on Twin Peaks. but it was 1999, many people already forgot Twin Peaks... also i couldn't find so much Twin Peaks goods (T-shirts and something else), and RR Dinner was already burned down... it was too late...
in last night, Afrirampo came to my temple. Pika said me she really loved Twin Peaks right now. she didn't know there was the big Twin Peaks boom in Japan in early 90's... because she was a kid then... oh man...hahaha... she highly recommended Oni to watching Twin Peaks. (Oni hasn't seen Twin Peaks yet.) then Pika found this tape in my record rack... she was so excited! we listened it with drinking beer and eating Nabe all night long.
this is the tape of special agent Dale Cooper's words including nots and stories never released on tv.
when will David Lynch make Twin Peaks new series? i'd like to go to Black Lodge in one day...


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