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        2009-03-22       Dead Wonderland / Teresa11

Teresa11 is the psychedelic dub girls duo from Osaka. they released 1st album "Smoky Heaven" from Italian label Eibon Records on 2004. this is their 2nd album that was released from Meatbox Records on 2008. the band is led by vocalist and track maker Rie Lambdoll (from crossbred) , and guitarist Roco joined from this album. Roco was the guitarist of Mady Gura Blue Heaven (Cotton Casino was the vocalist), and she is vocalist & guitarist of HELICOID0222MB, also guitarist of F.F.D. too.
their music remains me the image of Morocco (but i haven't been there... so it's just image...), i think my imagination is so cheap and stupid, i know... but their music is really mystic atmosphere... i feel like Rie Lamdoll's mystic voice hypnotizes me... and Roco's beautiful fuzz guitar confuses me...
usually i don't listen to dub music, because i don't like any reggae music... Teresa11's music has a kind of dub method, but i like their music so much. that's why their music is really mystic psychedelic sounds, its totally different from any reggae music... even Rie Lamdoll plays melodica that is the well known instrument by Augustus Pablo... i think even psychedelic fan, reggae music fan and house music fan can listen their music...
the sleeve was painted by Rie, it's so beautiful picture!! i like it very much!!

Dead Wonderland


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