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        2009-03-14       Uncle Meat / Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention

this is one of my best favorite Zappa's album equal to "Freak Out" for me!! i prefer F.Zappa & The Mothers of Invention's music on his all musical carrier... because after Mothers of Invention, his music style became more "rule" (not "direct"), so he could get lots of many great musicians who had such great technic by many money... but music became boring for me... lots of Zappa fans talk about how difficult to playing his music... but i'm not interested in this kind of thing about his music... i'm interested in his unique musical idea like mixture any kind of music with humor!! i've never felt any "serious" feeling from his music even the music are like so abstruse!!
i love The Mothers of Invention that means early Zappa music for me, because some musicians in the band don't have such great technic... but the band is more really band than late Zappa band (even middle of 70s) that was just unit of great musicians... if he could continue this line-up until the end of his life, his music would be different at least a little... i guess the music would be more better... i think Zappa's tragedy was one thing he couldn't trust and respect other musicians... so i guess he had to be the absolute ruler in the band... i read J.Garcia's interview, then he said he was the ruler in the band in the beginning of Grateful Dead, so he kicked Phil Lesh after the show why J. Garcia didn't like Phil's playing at that night... but he changed mind in one day, so he gave space to other members and he tried to be one part of the band, then he said the everything became great!! so, i like The Mothers of Invention!
well i'd love to follow his idea that music needs humor... even i don't have such great technic like Zappa band... but i have always tried to mix many music with humor... even you feel serious music, i put some humor into my music, especially AMT's music... one of AMT & TMP UFO's new album "Are We Experimental?" are really like this!! of course it's like something are parody of Jimi Hendrix and so-called "experimental music"! but also we mixture many kind of music with humor! of course not just humor!! don't misunderstand it! probably the parts what you will feel humor are serious for us, the parts what you will feel serious are humor for us!! anyway we hope you'll understand our idea when you'll listen to the new album!!
i love this album "Uncle Meat" a lot, also i like the film too! but i prefer this dbl LP set with a booklet, i don't prefer dbl CD set... because Zappa added lots of bonus tracks (about 45 min.?) when it was reissued on dbl CD set... but the bonus tracks were pickup from the films... i think the order of dbl LP set is perfect as "album"... probably ive already listened to this dbl LP set more than 200 times in my life... although i also have dbl CD set too, i've played it maybe 5 times in my life! hahaha... i'm sorry... maybe idon't understand Zappa's mind!? hahaha... it doesn't matter!!

Uncle Meat


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