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        2009-03-12       The Sounds Of Love ...A To Zzzz / Fred Miller

this is one of well-known record as electronics with erotic voice! i bought it more than 15 years ago... then not so many people were interested in electronic music and so-called moog sounds also even electro-acoustic music too, so it was so cheaper, about 300 yen ($3)... i was just interested in sleeve that is the photos of synthesizers and kissing man and woman...
the music is really great, especially side-A!! just woman's erotic voice and kissing noise with electronics sound!! i guess the musician doesn't play such bigger synthesizer system that i can see on the sleeve!! the synth sound is very cheap and simple... i remembered my early electronics solo recordings by Roland System100...!! hahaha... it's really stupid and easy idea, maybe everyone had imagined this kind of idea... me too... i recorded electronics and some instruments with erotic voice from the porno cassette tapes when i was 15 or 16 years old...!! hahaha... but why is this records such great!? because electronics sounds are so simple and so primitive like bad playing by the musician who has never touched any synthesizer before... also some parts remained me the one of the great psychedelic group Silver Apples!! all tracks of side-A were composed by Fred Miller... but who is Fred Miller????? i have totally no idea... i don't know even Fred Miller is the same guy of the photo on the sleeve or not...
music of side-B is different from side-A! there are 2 track on side-B, Ravel's "Bolero" and Mozart's "Piano Concerto No.21" with electronics also woman's erotic voice!!! what!? and both classical songs weren't played by synthesizer!!! not like Walter Carlos...
i guess these were from records!!!! the musician plays synthesizers with the records!! like karaoke for synthesizers! hahaha... several years ago, Yamazaki Maso (aka Masonna, Space Machine) said he played synthesizers with many records and cds at his flat... me too... when i was a teenager, i played guitar with any sounds from records, radio, TV... even news that was read by announcers! i didn't play like "copy", i tried to play as "collaboration" with any sounds... it was my exercise for guitar and improvisation...
by the way i wanted to reissue it on CD when we started AMT label. so i sent a letter to Copley Records to ask to reissue it... (i found their address on the back sleeve.) i waited for their any answer so long time... almost 1 year later, my letter was sent me back as address unknown!! i see... of course this record was released in 70s... also probably small label... so i couldn't get right to reissue it on CD... well, probably i should overdub some electronics or drone sounds on this record, and release it!!?? hahahaha....

The Sounds Of Love ...A To Zzzz


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