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Kawabata Makoto
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        2009-02-17       Gandalf / Gandalf

maybe you know Gandalf that is well known as the best dreamy psychedelic band. i love this album so much! so floating sounds!!! even they cover so-called standard songs on this album, Bing Crosby's "Golden Earrings", Harry Belafonte's "Scarlet Ribbons" and Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy", the music is totally Gandalf's floating dreamy sounds!! and this kind of so-called melancholic psychedelic sound remains me some Japanese 60s garage bands that is so-called GS (Group Sounds) in Japan... their music were one part of Pops in Japan at that time, so all groups had to play songs that were composed by famous composers... Gandalf covered standard songs, that's why i remembered like this...?
i don't like The Beatles, because i don't like their singing even i understand they composed many good songs... if they could sing like Gandalf, i might like The Beatles too... i hit on this idea...



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