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        2006-02-03       Rare Live / Deep Purple

i love Deep Purple as the best hard rock group ever. i can't understand why many people prefer Led Zepplin to Deep Purple... especially Deep Purple (mk.1 ~ mk.4) was the one of the greatest and the most important group in the rock history. i'm sure they were not roots of heavy metal group, they played just hard rock what they made from R&B and R&R.
this album is the compilation of their live albums. (live recorded from 69 to 76.) i didn't know they released lots of live albums in these years. i bought it as BGM for driving a car at a cheap scondhand record shop a few years ago.
anyway i enjoyed a lot what is called their improvised parts... they played almost same improvised parts on even different songs in different years. for example, the improvised part of "Mandrake Root (1970)" is same as "Space Truckin'" what is very known from their popular live album "Made in Japan (1972)"...but it doesn't matter! who could play like them? they were the one of the most emotional rock group in the rock history!! although many people so admire G.Dead even they played almost same too, why are Deep Purple such underestimated?
even so, why are always Deep Purple's artworks so bad???

rare live


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