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Kawabata Makoto
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        2009-02-15       Sowing My Seeds / Gary Farmer

i don't know anything about Gary Farmer... this album was recorded in California between 1979 and 1981... so something remains me Dire Straits... but this album is much more cornball!!! i can't explain well... but i like this kind of "cornball" atmosphere very much!! so i love Swamp too!!!
and i can listen to some synth-keyboard playing on one song, this is like Journey (with Steve Perry)'s sound... but this Gary Farmer's music is not like such boring Journey!! i'mnot sure Gary Farmer liked Journey or not... (i hope "NO"...) anyway his music is really good... Gary Farmer's music is not unique... it means i think i already had listen to melodies that are similar with his music... but is it important music should be so unique? i don't think so... if music is good, that's enough for me!!
i love the front sleeve!!! women's legs in the farm!!! what the great photo is!! this is the reason why i bought this record... hahaha...

Sowing My Seeds


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