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Kawabata Makoto
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        2008-10-10       Godzundheit / Godz

i like Godz, especially this album that was their last album... of course i like other their albums that are typical Godz sound too!!! anyway genuinely i like this album as a beautiful music... though i know many people who like Godz, they prefer more typical Godz sound that is like damaged psychedelic rock... hummm... but this album is also great for me too even they play more normal... i think this album is much better than any Rolling Stones' records!!! hahaha... (although they play "Jumping Jack Flash" on this album, this version is much better than Rolling Stones' one for me!) i like some songs of Rolling Stones especially when Brian Jones played with them, but i don't like Mick's voice and Keith's guitar... god! i don't like their sounds as bad as Lou Reed's voice even i like Velvet Underground only with John Cale!! sometime i've imagined if Beach Boys got such big success instead of The Beatles at that time, what would happen now...? maybe better? maybe nothing change? but if Godz could get such big success, i'm sure rock/pop scene would be totally different! it seems much better than present!!i have a question, why do so many people like Rolling Stones or The Beatles? why not Godz!!!??? also why do some people like Godz? (including me! so i've asked myself too!) more example, why do some people like so-called experimental music? why don't some people like experimental music? hummm... i'm interested in the point what people decide "like" or "not like"... of course i have both... but i don't know how i decided...i've never thought anything when i decide "like" or "not like"... maybe just by sence, inspiration, impression and something else... then where do these things come from...?
anyway i like Godz without any need for convincing also for no reason!!!



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