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Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2008-10-08       Sternklang / Kalheinz Stockhausen

maybe you know i've loved Stockhausen since i was 10 or 11 years old before i found rock music... (i wrote about this story with Stockhausen's "Telemusik" on 15th Sep.06) i like this record very much. because this song was composed for 5 groups. there is sub title "Park Music for 5 Groups". each groups have different instruments, some vocals and instruments are modulated by synthesizers! i wanted to know how they set up and played, so i read the notes, 5 groups played in the park, each groups should be able to hear each other, and bura bura bura... i don't care about concept... i'm interested in only just sounds! so i don't know the concept of this song... there are photos when they played in the park, it looks like strange picnic for me! hahaha... but unfortunately this record was recorded at studio in Paris... oh man...!!
anyway this music is so strange for me... like mixture of classical music, ethnic music and something else with electronics and modulation!! when i listened to it so long time ago, i felt like the sound from the berserk radio!!! what the crazy music is!! this is really "freak out" music for me!! (more than Zappa's "Freak Out"!!)
i spoke about Stockhausen a little on Wire magazine #296 (Oct.2008), if you're interested in, please check it out...



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