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        2008-10-07       Vsage, Circles, Sequenza III, Cinque Variazioni / Luciano Berio

i love this album (especially 1st track of side-A "Visage") for long time, since i was maybe 18 or 19 years old... when i bought it at the secondhand record store, i didn't know anything about him. i was just interested in this credit "Visage : for magnetic tape, based on the voice of Cathy Berberian and electronic sounds" on backside of the jacket. when i listened to it first time, i got big shock... from especially Cathy Berberian's so strange vocal... her vocal gave some influence to my music... then i tried to record same atmosphere with this record (i was so stupid! hahaha), so i tried to sing like her with cheap electronics!! but unfortunately my vocal was so bad... hahaha...
anyway i still love this record... it's so great music as prog rock for me! (i guessed 1st track of side-B "Circle" influenced Frank Zappa so much!!) i know many so-called "experimental" musicians sing like her, but nobody can sing like her... normally when i listened to this kind vocal, i felt just boring... because... though Cathy Berberian is really Rock and emotional for me, unfortunately other musicians who try to sing like her (it doesn't matter even they knew her or not) sing always just "style" like typical fuckin' "experimental music"! oh my god!!! their vocals are totally no emotional...
anyway it's one of the greatest record as prog rock for me since i was teenager!!


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