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        2008-10-06       Different Trains - Electric Counterpoint / Steve Reich

i loved Steve Reich's works so much when i was twenties. i went to his concerts as Steve Reich & Musicians in Tokyo (i don't remember which year...1991 or 1992...? maybe it was the first time they played in Japan...), they played 2 nights with totally different programs. so i had to go to both shows!! then i was very poor, but i bought tickets of both concerts and went to Tokyo by cheap midnight bus... i remember one story... although i wanted to buy the concert pamphlet, i didn't have enough money (maybe it was just about 10 or 15 dollars...), so i asked the guy at the merchandise table "i will wire money later, so please send me one copy!" they sent me one copy of the concert pamphlet later...
Steve Reich & Musicians played almost his works at these 2 concerts. i was really enjoyed their concerts... just except for "Different Trains". because this song wasn't played by Kronos Quartet... this song was written for Kronos Quartet, also they recorded it on this CD. when i saw Kronos Quartet in Japan 1990 or 1991(also i don't remember which year...), they played "Different Trains" with tape what they recorded some parts by themselves. i already knew this song from this CD before the Kronos Quartet's concert... anyway i really impressed so much at that time...!! though i still like only some Steve Reich's songs, probably "Different Trains" is my favorite, also i think it's his greatest masterpiece for me!!! i was really interested in his method of composing for this song. he picked up same notes from the words that recorded as interview, also from the sound of trains and locomotive horn too. these melodies cross each others and make new melodies... this is a kind of typical Steve Reich's gimmick!! when i record especially overdubbed, i found some new melodies from crossing some sounds, then i overdubbed these melodies what i found... it's like similar thing...
probably i've heard this CD more than 200 times already... i listened to "Different Trains" with driving a car too... it's a great driving music for me, i prefer "Different Trains" to Kraftwerk's "Autobahn"!!!

Different Trains


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